What do I do?

Our guide to issues that may be encountered during installation.

What are some possible causes for joints leaking?

When installed in accordance with the installation instructions, Pex Plus should prove a very simple and effective piping system. However certain conditions may increase the possibility of a faulty or leaking joint.

  • Pipe has not been cut squarely.
  • Pipe is not fully engaged on fitting barb.
  • Compression sleeve has not been drawn completely up to fitting shoulder.
  • Pipe has been over-expanded (beyond the point where its memory can return it to original size).
  • Teeth of expander are faulty or damaged leaving indentations inside the tube.

What do I do if the pipe kinks during installation?

If during installation you encounter a kink in the pipe the kinked section should be cut out and replaced.

Can I braze adaptors after the pex pipe has been fitted?

No, all brazing or soldering must be performed on the fittings prior to the pex pipe being connected. Sufficient time should be allowed for the fitting to cool prior to attaching the pex pipe.

Is the Pex Plus system approved?

Yes, the Pex Plus system is approved under the following as/nzs standards. Fittings–as/nzs 2537 and Pipe–as/nzs 2492.

Can I use Pex Plus to connect solar panels to the storage tank?

No, the Australian Standards do not allow pex pipe to be used on the flow or return lines between solar panels and solar storage vessels.