Veltanium Compression Piping & Fittings

Our pledge to you:

  • By using Veltanium compression piping systems, you can deliver large scale, failsafe-guaranteed water compression systems to your clients.
  • Veltanium compression piping systems fittings are made from highly-crafted brass and copper, by industry request.
  • Our pipes are colour-coded for purpose-designed fitting. Titanium, Red, Lilac, Green and Yellow
  • Our system is installed using our own efficient tools, or possibly the tools you already own


Veltanium compression piping comes in a range of colours, to define needs, with our signature titanium pipe being the choice for hot and cold water.

Our pipes feature no pitting, offering corrosion resistance, have no tendency to deposits and our polymer pipe material reduces sound transmission along the pipe. Our pipes are designed to be resistant to abrasions and all Velox pipes carry WaterMark registration, as standard.


Veltanium connection fittings are formed from the highest quality brass, for systems 16-32 mm.

Both materials remain the superior choice for the most failsafe, high-performance systems. We have a full range of elbows, couplings, tees, tails, sleeves and breeches.