Velpress - Velpress XL Fittings

Our Pledge to you

Velpress Press-Fit Connection System is always cost effective in material, time and labour. Velpress offers a simple installation method that does not require brazing.

The Velpress Press Fit Connection System is fully certified, reliable and simple to use, secure with permanent joints, practical design, leak indicator and flame-free installation


Our Velpress range consists of 15-50mm size fittings and to accommodate those bigger jobs we have our Velpress XL range 65-100mm fittings

Guaranteed lifelong secure leak-proof joints. Velpress is versatile, cost effective and safe, borne from a pedigree of some of the finest plumbing products on the globe.

The Velpress joints can’t be tampered with and the design ensures easy access. Fully certified, totally on-site practical with timeless performance. With a simple installation method and no brazing, it only takes seconds to create a permanent joint between pipe and fitting. The Velpress superior resistance reduction technology allows water or gas to flow smoothly throughout the total pipeline system improving the pipe and flow performance as well the efficiencies created through the Velpress Installation method.

Velpress is cost effective in material, time and labour.