Velox Copper Pipe

Our pledge to you

Manufactured to Australian Standard AS1432, Velox copper pipes are designed to be strong and reliable and are fully compatible with our Velpress and V-Weld ranges of fittings.

Velox Copper provides peace of mind knowing you're using the highest quality product combined with the best value for money for any gas or water piping system.

Velox Copper Pipe

Produced to meet global standards in one of the world’s leading piping factories, Velox copper pipe is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS1432 and meets the WaterMark Certification Scheme requirements.

As a result of our direct supply partnership with the manufacturer, we are able to supply world-class piping at highly competitive prices. Velox copper pipe is available in ten different sizes, from 15mm (half inch) to 150mm (6 inch) and comes standard in six metre lengths.