Why Velox piping systems?

Velox piping systems were borne from the constant issues plumbers’ face 24/7. Our whole purpose is to create products that work for you when you are on and off site. So you can sleep at night, knowing your workmanship and the product you installed is absolutely failsafe.

Velox compression piping

Velox Piping Is Proudly Manufactured To The Highest Standards Of Workmanship Available In Coils In All Colours

  • Corrosion resistance of the pipes: No pitting
  • No tendency to deposits
  • Polymer pipe material reduces sound transmission along the pipe
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • All Velox compression pipes come with the WaterMark registration

Velox compression piping Fittings

Velox Fittings Are Proudly Formed From The Highest Quality Brass

  • VELOX compression piping installation tools are specially designed and manufactured to work with VELOX compression piping programs
  • Manual and battery operated tools available Flexible and good tool handling
  • No pipe calibration required
  • Before using tools, read and observe the information in the operating instructions completely.